These are the loveliest people. We went in for a lovebird for oldest daughter- we really wanted a bird that was ok with being handled a lot. Mr. Bracken recommended a cockatiel instead and we saw immediately how perfect it was. We LOVE this bird-it sits with us everywhere, and rides around on every family member, even the dog. We’ve been going to the bird farm for ten years to see the animals and the wonderful aviary, and now I’m thrilled we were ready to get a bird from them, and that they picked the perfect bird for our daughter. They had a great selection of everything you would need, and the prices were extremely reasonable. A truly wonderful, top notch business I would recommend to everyone.
ann g.


I love Bracken bird farm. There are tons of different parrots and birds to view as you walk around an outdoor area where you can see into the roomy cages of each type of bird and watch them if you wish. My understanding is that all the animals next to the Bird area were bought by Mr. Bracken for his grandchildren to enjoy. I have taken all my grandkids – many times to see the animals. You can get corn for $1 and feed the animals too. We have a miniture yellow collared macaw and purchase his food there as it is well priced – fast to go in and out if you need to but I always make it an outing.


i have been going to bracken bird farm for 10 years and the customer service is Great!!!!!!!!!! the other comments by un- educated people have no lives and all they do is complain when their own lives are miserable despite what these people say that is negative this is so not true and this place is 110% better than magnolia bird farm and for the person who claims that they have all sick birds then why was that person trying to buy a bird in the first place from bracken. people like them really need to get a life. bracken bird farm you guys are the best and keep up the good work!!!!! love always mr smell good


Bracken Bird Farm always has great service and competitive prices. The birds I have bought from there have been well socialized and very healthy. I wouldn’t trust anybody else to give my birds a beak or nail trim. Their knowledge, customer service, and prices keep me coming back for all of my seed and supply needs. My kids love to go and see the outdoor animals like the camel, goats, ostrich, and cows. What a fun place for the whole family!

I have been to Braken Bird Farm many times and always enjoy seeing the bleeding heart doves. So very pretty . they have very clean averies and very healthy birds to choise from. The staff is knowledgeable as well. always a good time wish it was so far away us or I would go more often.