Bracken Bird Farm seed: from 2lb to 50 lbs bags of most kind of seed available at the store! We make our own mixes: Bracken Special Large; Bracken special small; Canary Mix; Canary song and treat; cockatiel mix; dove mix; fancy canary/finch; fancy cockatiel; fancy macaw; fancy parakeet; finch; hookbill, large; hookbill, small; hookbill, special; lady gould mix; macaw; parakeet; parrot; wild bird mix; “no work” wild bird mix.

We also carry straight canary seed; cracked and whole corn; cuttle bone; flax seed; grit; pigeon grit; hemp; Milo; mixed nuts in shell; monkey chow; nyjer; oat groats; oyster shell; peanuts; pigeon mix; poultry feed; rabbit pellets; rape seed; safflower; scratch; shelled peanuts; soak-n-cook; spray millet; sunflower; black oil sunflower; hulled sunflower; turkey crumble; white millet.